Moon pioneer


This is new building for the Moon. You can only have one (choose wisely which Moon you will build it on).

Pioneer Lab has 2 sections:
Pioneer Lab

Building Requirements: Moon Base: Level 1

Tech Requirements: Ultra Temperature Tech: Level 1; Anti-Gravity Tech: Level 1

Costs to Build the Pioneer Lab
Level GE metal icon GE crystal icon GE gas icon
1 420k 350k 280k
2 570K 475K 380K
4 979K 819K 653K
5 1.32M 1.1M 882K
6 1.78M 1.48M 1.18M
7 2.49M 2.08M 1.66M
8 3.49M 2.91M 2.33M
9 4.71M 3.92M 3.14M
10 8.5M 7.08M 5.66M
11 11.9M 9.92M 7.93M
13 13.8M 11.5M 9.20M
16 35.9M 29.9M 24.0M

In-game descriptionEdit

  • The Pioneer Lab is like nothing we've ever constructed before - utilizing our cutting-edge Anti-Gravity Tech, it's literally only able to be constructed on the surface of Moons due to its incredibly large mass.
  • The birthplace of the Iron Behemoth, which is growing to become the backbone of the galaxy's most fearsome fleets, the Pioneer Lab is the pride of anyone who builds one.
  • Due to it's high cost, the Pioneer Lab can only be constructed on single Moon.
  • The Pioneer Lab manages the enormous duty of constructing and assembling the Iron Behemoth - all Alloy Fragments collected are processed into raw materials here.
  • The Pioneer Lab is also a research center where scientists study and improve the Iron Behemoth everyday.
  • With each level upgrade to the Pioneer Lab, construction time required to construct the Iron Behemoth is reduced by 1%.

Pioneer ResearchEdit

It contains two sections: