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A Moon is basically an "add-on" to your Planet.  It shares the coordinates of the parent Planet, and has a random maximum size, the average range is between 1 - 50.



Buildings specific to Moons

Planet with Moon

Planet with Moon

How to obtain a Moon

There is a chance a Moon is created after every fight resulting in a sufficiently-large Debris Field, on the Planet which the battle took place. The chance to get a Moon is directly linked to the losses during the fight: for every 400K debris, you get + 1% chance to get a Moon, up to a maximum of 20% chance, which occurs at 8M debris. To calculate the amount of debris a ship will make, sum the Metal and Crystal required to build one (ignore Gas) and divide by three.

What says when do get a Moon in the BattleReport. "Probability of the this battle creating a new Moon 20%. Due to the incredible gravitational force between enormous objects and Dark Energy in space, fusion occurred and a new Moon has appeared."

Battle Report b

The photo is what it looks like when you get a Moon

Below is a table containing calculations of how many of every type of ship you would need to get the maximum of 20%.

Combat Units

Ship's Name Debris Field/ship # of ships needed to get 20 %
Light Fighter 1,200 6667
Heavy Fighter 3,000 2667
Cruiser 8,097 988
Battleship 17,978 445
Dreadnought 20,997 381
Destroyer 32,922 243

Defense Units

Defense's Name Debris Field/unit # of defense needed to get 20 %
Rocket Launcher 600 13,334
Light Laser 600 13,334
Heavy Laser 2,400 3,334
MK2 Cannon 10,500 762
Ion Cannon 2,400 3,334
Plasma Cannon 39,000 206

Civil Units

Unit's Name Debris Field/unit # of units needed for 20 %
Cargo Ship 1,200 6,667
Large Cargo Ship 3,600 2,223
Colony Ship 9,000 889
Recycler 4800 1667
Probe 3,000 2,667
Solar Satellite 600 13,334

Any combination of any units making a Debris Field of 8M will give you 20% Chance to get a Moon. Keep in mind that the enemy losses counts too!

How/What to build on your Moon

Moons are particular planets: their maximum size can be reached by upgrading your Moon Base. Once you get a Moon, it'll only have one place, you'll then have to build the Moon Base, giving you 3 places more, allowing you to build others buildings. To get more places, you'll have to keep upgrading the Moon Base (every level gives you 3 places more, until you reach the ultimate maximum of your Moon).

Moons are quite the difficult challenge to maintain so heres a simple guide:

  1. Moon Base Level 1
  2. Robotics Facility (Moon) Level 1 and 2
  3. Moon Base Level 2
  4. Robotics Facility (Moon) Level 3 and 4
  5. Moon Base Level 3
  6. Robotics Facility (Moon) Level 5 and 6
  7. Moon Base Level 4
  8. Pioneer Lab Level 1
  9. The EU-X radar array Level 1
  10. Moon Base Level 5
  11. Robotics Facility (Moon) Level 7
  12. The EU-X radar array Level 2 and 3
  13. Moon Base Level 6
  14. The EU-X radar array Level 4 and 5

Moon Facts

  • A Moon is not like a Planet, it does not get "green protection" after an attack, meaning if you have unprotected resources on a Moon, someone can attack repeatedly until they have looted everything.
  • An attack on your Moon is also detected by your radar on your Planet.
  • If your Planet is "green protected" you can still launch attacks from your Moon. The "green protection" will not disappear (but the bonuses from Galactonite won't apply).
  • A fleet travelling from a Planet to its Moon and vice versa always take 3 minutes to do so. You can change the speed of the fleet to 1% to conserve gas, it will not increase the duration of the travel.

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