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150,000 galaxium

Galaxium Icon

Galaxium is represented as an orange (shard) icon.

Details about GalaxiumEdit

Galaxium Amount a
Galaxium a
  • Scientists have located and collected Galaxium, a mysterious component from debris in space.
  • Using newly-developed techniques, we can process Galaxium and use it to construct fearsome ships like the Interceptor
  • A minimum of 150 Galaxium is needed in order to be fused into an Interceptor.
  • There is no construction time. Metal, Crystal, and Gas is not needed in the process of making an Interceptor.

To obtain GalaxiumEdit

  • Galaxium can be obtained through battles against other Planets including the planets of other players and NPC Planets during special events only.
  • During some events, the chances of collecting Galaxium is greatly increased.

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