Galactonite Research Center
Galactonite Research Center A
Galactonite Fuser Storage a


  • The Galactonite Research Center is used for production of galactonite. It can not be upgraded.
  • When tapped on, it will reveal three tabs.
  • The top one is for fusing, the middle for storage, equiping, and strengthening. 
  • The bottom one is used for upgrading the Galactonite Discoverer.
  • There are two types of unnamed galactonite.
  • When fusing, it requires the blue galactonite.
  • Each fuse, it will describe whether it increases a level, or decreases a level, be successful (Produces crystal), or unsuccessful (Does not produce crystal).
  • The more the level increases, the more galactonite required to fuse again, although, it gives better crystals.
  • The middle tab shows what crystals are stored.
  • You can equip a crystal that is stored.
  • You can also put stored crystals and equiped crystals into the process, which can strengthen them, but requiring orange galactonite
  • Decomposing gets you more orange
    Galactonite Fuser a
  • The bottom tab shows the Galactonite Discoverer.
  • When the Galactonite Discoverer is upgraded, it will increase the chances of finding galactonite from a fallen foe or NPC Planets.
  • Each instance of the Galactonite Research Center will unlock one Galactonite slot, up to a maximum of three slots per planet.
  • To unlock the second Galactonite slot on a planet, it will cost you 100 Dark Matter
  • To unlock the third Galactonite slot on a planet will cost you 205 Dark Matter.
  • You get five Galactonite Storage Bags to start with.

Building Requirements: Shipyard Level 2.

Tech Requirements:  Espionage Tech Level 1.


GE metal icon
GE crystal icon
GE gas icon
Level 1 2000 4000 4000

Build / Upgrade TimeEdit

Since there is only 1 level of the galactonite research center, the time to build is always 5s.