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Espionage tech


Espionage Tech serves four critical roles in the game.Edit

  • It allows your Probes to operate with greater efficiency; collecting vital information about potential dangers and threats to your Colony or Civilization.  
  • The higher your Espionage Tech level is, the less enemies spying on your Planets will see.
  • As Espionage Tech becomes higher, you will receive earlier and earlier warnings about incoming attacks.
  • Finally, and maybe most importantly, boosting Espionage Tech levels will improve your chances of finding resources in the Nebula. Until you get to about level 6 or 7, you will use more gas doing Neb runs than you get out of it. I.e. so many of your Nebula runs will return with nothing that you will run out of gas.

Building Requirements: Research Lab Level 3.

Upgrade Costs This Tech requires all resources in order to upgrade.

GE metal icon
GE crystal icon
GE gas icon
1 200 1,000 200
2 400 2,000 400
3 800 4,000 800
4 1,600 8,000 1,600
5 3,200 16K 3,200
6 6,400 32K 6,400
7 12.8K 64,K 12.8K
8 25.6K 128K 25.6K
9 51.2K 256K 51.2K
10 102K 512K 102K
11 204K 1.024M 204K
12 409K 2.048M 409K
13 819K 4.09M 819K
14 1.63M 8.19M 1.63M
15 3.27M 16.38M 3.27M
16 6.55M 32.55M 6.55M
17 13.1M 65.53M 13.1M
18 26.2M 131M 26.2M
19 52.4M 262.1M 52.4M
20 104.85M 524.28M 104.85M

A typical Espionage Tech report might look like:

Espionage Tech result:

If your Espionage Tech level is too low, or your enemy's Espionage Tech level is too high, or you don't send enough Probes on the espionage mission, then some of elements of the above Espionage Tech report will be missing.

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