• 1500 pieces of Dark Matter
  • 700 pieces Of Dark Matter
  • 275 pieces of Dark Matter
  • 125 pieces of Dark Matter
  • 60 pieces of Dark Matter
10 Dark Matter

10 Dark Matter

22 Dark Matter

22 Dark Matter

1500 Dark Matter

1500 Dark Matter

Details: Edit

  • Dark Matter can help the player advance quickly.
  • You can use and buy it at the Space Store.
  • You can also find it by exploring the Mysterious Nebula, but this is rare.
  • Dark Matter can speed up upgrades or construction by 15 minutes each.
  • A one day upgrade takes 96 Dark Matter to complete.
  • An easy way to get dark matter is to attack the Dwarf Star Fortress. You can attack it 3 times a day to get 150 dark matter. Sending between 100-150 Iron Behemoths (Depends on your tech levels) will result in no losses, or use 1 reaper.

Sources of Dark Matter:

  • Purchase in shop with Credits
  • Exploring the Mysterious Nebula
  • Completing the introductory missions.
  • Attacking and winning the dwarf star fortress will give you 50 dark matter.

Dark Matter can be used to:

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